Pajama Profits Academy

Here’s the truth about being an entrepreneur, If your only stream of income is generated through 1:1 or face-to face interactions: HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!


This means that there is no room in your business model for:

2) Income stability and sustainability and
3) for life to happen…and it will.

Here’s some other truths:


Your earning potential is limited to the hours you’re IN your business = LIMITED INCOME

Your income will be negatively impacted by cancellations, by inclement weather OR if you are out of the office (e.g. life event, family emergency, vacation, jury duty, maternity/paternity leave, etc)

You might experience burnout out because talking time off= loss in income

The IMPACT that you can have on the customers you serve is limited to those you can serve in person or 1:1.

The Pajama Profits products give you the information, tools and skills you need to create passive income in your business.

Pick the option that works best for you.

Pajama Profits Webinar

You have all of these amazing ideas swirling around, your creative juices are flowing. It’s overwhelming. You’re not sure where to start or how to develop and deliver your content. Let’s start with brainstorming to get CLEAR on your product offering.

Pajama Profits Master Class

You have the experience or expertise needed to offer a solution. You have an idea or multiple ideas that you want to develop to generate passive income. You may have already started creating content but you need structure and to know HOW to launch the product so that you aren’t involved in its delivery OR the payment collect process = Pajama Profits.

You are a self motivated learner once you have the proper tools.

Pajama Profits Master Class is a good place to start.

Pajama Profits 8-Week Mastermind

Now, lets be real. You have the experience and expertise and even the content however its been sitting in a folder and you haven’t touched it. We are in FAILURE TO LAUNCH mode. You know that you need help putting the product together, identifying your ideal customer and clarifying how your product will solve their problem. Some of us could DIY this part, but it’s not necessary.

Many of us get stuck in our heads and aren’t sure how to pull these pieces together and leverage our products to create recurring Pajama Profits. You need help figuring out how to develop a product and the logistics of delivering it to your ideal customers.

Does the thought of course or content development make you nervous? Does imposter syndrome show up?  In this case, the 8-week Pajama Profits Mastermind is where you need to be.

This program offers the most support and access to resources to walk you through the product creation and launch process. I share my step-by-step process for developing a course that appeals to your ideal customer and solve problems it’s designed to solve.

People don’t but products they buy solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where will the training occur?
The training will be available in our private  Portal as soon as your registration is complete.

If you're in the Mastermind, we have a private Facebook group where you will receive daily support and accountability.

What if I can’t attend the training live?
The training videos are pre-recorded. Watch and re-watch at your own pace.

What is your refund policy?
We do not offer refunds on digital products.

What if I enroll in the Pajama Profits webinar or masterclass and realize I still need additional support?

No problem. Just email us at and ask us if we have an alumni rate. We offer them several times a year.

If you’re ready to earn Pajama Profits select the course that matches where you are TODAY.