Mastering Insurance Admin Academy

Do you have a Virtual Assistant or Practice Administrator and need them to manage your credentialing and billing?

Do you want to bring your credentialing and billing in-house and have administrative support already in place? The Mastering Insurance Team offers a 3-month cohort that is designed to train your administrator the ins and outs of credentialing and billing.

In this 3-month cohort your Admin will receive hands-on training on a variety of topics. We will walk them through credentialing your group, setting up systems to reduce denied claims and increase account receivables.

Here are the features of the program:

  • 3 Live workshops with experiential learning and feedback
  • Monthly Consultation Calls
  • A dedicated learning community
  • Access to the Mastering Insurance Team
  • A 24/7 training platform that they can access at their convenience
  • Access to our template vault
  • Access to our pre-built project management System
  • Dedicated community of practice administrators and billers

We are accepting 10 new Admins for our November 14th Cohort

Submit your application today and we will be in touch to schedule your intake interview


Week 1: Intro to credentialing (5 modules getting your team oriented to the language of credentialing, NPI, EIN and organizing practice documents) and setting up Project Management System

Week 2: Live 4 hour workshop (this is a hands-on workshop where we walk them through the application submission for your group)—11/23

Week 3: EAPs Q & A - workshop (they can attend this live or watch the recording)

Week 4: The Follow up!

Week 5: Rate increases and contracts

Week 6: Live Consultation Call

Week 7: EFTs and EDIs

*Week 8: Billing 101 Live workshop (4 hours)

Week 9: Common reasons claims are denied…and how to handle them

Week 10: Opting out and Contract Termination

Week 11: ERISA & Exceptions

Week 12: Ethical Issues to consider when Billing & Credentialing

**Final Consultation Call TBD (cohort will be polled to find a time when most people can attend)

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