About Ajita Robinson

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Who Am I?

Before I talk about my business success and my background, I want to first share a bit of my personal journey that led me to start my businesses and to commit to helping other business owners create businesses that thrive.

I’m a mom of two amazingly kind children. I am also a first generation college grad. I hail from St. Louis, Missouri and am the youngest of 4 siblings. I grew up in a multi-generational household with my maternal grandparents. I am a faith-filled and faith-led person. It is WHY I became a mental health counselor, educator and why I launched my first business and why I’ve dedicated my life and career to serving others.

I’ve held a variety of roles that led me to this place of serving other entrepreneurs. I’ll give you the highlights.

My first career was in business. I started my career as a pharmaceutical sales rep while pursuing undergrad degrees in Business Administration and Psychology.

I then went to work in corporate America serving as a business analysts, business consult and product development specialists for multiple fortune 500 companies. I have managed multi-million dollar portfolios in a variety of different industries. I leverage my experience working in a variety of settings to assist small business owners lay the foundation for sustainable businesses using the same tools I used to support million dollar entities.

I continued this work while pursuing a Masters of Art-Research in Counseling and Human Development. While pursuing a Doctorate in Counseling Education I utilized my research degree to help non-profit organizations and principal investigators optimize their systems and conduct program evaluations. These skills helped me support small businesses owners with implementing system that are optimal for business growth and development.  

I launched my Private Practice while finishing my doctorate. Within 8 months of opening my practice I scaled to a group practice and have now built a 7-figure practice.

I have successfully built two other 6 figure businesses. My consulting and speaking firm and Mastering Insurance, LLC a billing and credentialing agency.

I share my experience and background with you so that you know you can achieve similar and greater success. I’ve implemented these systems and tools to build businesses across industries with success. You can too.

If you’re ready to serve, build a business and generate wealth...